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If you are a Property Owner Looking for an Agent to sell your Property, Contact us and we will be Glad to market it and sell on your behalf. Also if Looking for property to buy or rent leave us your details we will be glad to help

Our Vision

To be acknowledged as the primary security and property consultants both in Kenya and internationally, disseminating BEST PRACTISE and providing AUTHORITATIVE OPION thus creating a business climate in which our clients can flourish.

Our Mission

To create a business climate in which the skills and expertise of our company and staff are acknowledged, our legitimate objectives are supported, excellence is encouragedĀ and the valuable contribution we make to security and property industry and communities in general recognized.

It is our belief that the profit motive is totally legitimate, and that through it people strive to generate wealth, which is in turn spread through society. Yet it cannot be denied that it is but a short step from the profit motive to excessive greed and exploitation. That is why competition is such an important element in ensuring fairness. Regulation has its role, but its outside imposition should be minimized



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